New Yorker Boiler Online Catalog of Products Coming Soon!

Simon's Supply Co., Inc. proudly offers New Yorker Boiler brand products in our store.

At the present time, these products are not included on our web site for online shopping.

Contact a Simon's Supply Co., Inc. sales associate at 800-326-2050 or visit one of our locations for additional information on our in store selection of New Yorker Boiler products.

New Yorker fills the need for reliable and affordable heating systems by creating high quality, low cost, cast iron and steel boilers with DOE Heating Capacities ranging from 104 MBH to 1,008 MBH. New Yorker's steel boilers are the best in the industry with AFUE's as high as 87.8%. Their cast iron boilers are designed with economy and serviceability in mind. The boilers are available as gas-fired or oil-fired and range in DOE heating capacities from 51 MBH to 263 MBH. All of this means, New Yorker Boiler can fill your family's needs while keeping your family comfortable year after year.